How to Apply for Telangana EPDS Application Form

The Ration Cards are the legal documents that entitle the cardholders to obtain the commodities at very subsidized rates. There are certain commodities such as rice, sugar, fertilizers, kerosene etc. that are very much essential in our day to day life. The Ration Cards acts as a Multi-purpose document, it not only serves as an Identity proof for an individual but also for the whole family of his/her.

It benefits the citizens by providing different access to the Various Government schemes and also a valuable proof of identity at various places.

The state of Telangana is the 12th largest city in India and is one of the most populous city and has been recently carved out from the Andhra Pradesh. The Government of Telangana introduced Telangana Food Security Card to the below and above poverty line people. The Telangana Food Security Ration Cards are also known as Ahara Badratha Cards which serves to 31 districts of Telangana people.

The Telangana Government has categorized the Ration Cards into two:

i.    White Ration Cards- These are also called as the D-Cards. These cards are provided to those families whose income is below Rs 11,000.

ii.    Pink Ration Cards- These are called as the ABC Cards. These cards are provided to those families whose income is above Rs 11,000.

Eligibility Criteria for Telangana EPDS

i.    The applicant must not possess any Ration Card before.

ii.    Citizens should belong to economically weaker sections of the society.

iii.   Couples who are recently married in the Telangana state.

iv.    Applicants possessing temporary Ration Cards or cards past expiry.

Documents that are required for the Ration Card in Telangana

The documents that are required for applying for a Ration Card in Telangana are:

i.    Photograph of the Applicant

ii.    Proof of the residential address of the applicant

iii.    Identity Proof- Can be a Voter ID, Driving License, PAN Card, and Passport etc.

iv.    If you had any Ration Card before, then submit its deletion certificate or an affidavit to the effect that you are not in the possession of a Ration Card.

Acceptable Documents for Personal Identification

i.    Birth Certificate


iii.    Passport

iv.    Report card from the school that you have cleared 10th Grade.

v.    Transfer Certificate from your school that has your birth date printed on it.

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Documents

i.    Electricity and Telephone Bills which are issued recently

ii.   LIC Bond

iii.    Aadhaar Card

iv.    Passport

v.    Agreement of the House

Acceptable Documents for Proof of Age

i.    Birth certificate

ii.    PAN Card

iii.    Report card from the school that you have cleared 10th Grade.

iv.    Transfer Certificate from your school that has your birth date printed on it.

Documents for Current Address

If you are moving from one place to another, because of your job or any other purpose and living in a rented accommodation then you will need the following documents:

i.    The lease agreement of your place along with the electricity bill.

ii.    The lease agreement and the bill of the LPG.

How to Apply for a EPDS Telangana Ration Card

The Meeseva Portal of the Telangana Government provides all citizens an access with all the information regarding the application of the Ration Cards. Follow the below steps to apply for a Ration Card:

•    Go to the Meeseva Portal : and obtain the application form that is meant for the New Ration Card. You can find the form in the Civil Supplies Section.

•    Select the type of the card that you are eligible for. The options are APL, BPL, AAY or AAP.

•    Fill the name of the head of the family. Enter the other details too, like Mother’s Name, Father’s Name, Spouse’s Name, Gender of the applicant, Occupation Details, Income etc. You also need to fill in the LPG Details along with the details of your residential address.

•    Now, enter all the details of your family members. Make sure that require all the documents that are mentioned above.

Hence these are steps to apply for a Telangana EPDS Ration Card.



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