The government of India has been providing subsidised groceries like food and fuel ever since its independence. In India, a major part of government expenditure goes to subsidies. The Government provides ration cards to the targetted section of the society so that they can avail ration at a discounted price. Not only this a ration card also acts as an identity proof in various processes.

Andhra Pradesh is one example where modern technologies are used to prevent corruption in the retail sector. One such technological innovation is the introduction of Andhra Pradesh EPDS, which is an online portal which can be used by the people to download ration cards, check the status of their application, remaining balance etc. EPDS AP is providing two types ration cards, they are:
a) White ration cards: These cards are provided to families living below the poverty line.
b) Pink ration cards: they are provided to families who are above the poverty line.
Besides this, the site also provides other services like online application and status check. At present, there are more than 29000 ration shops in Andhra Pradesh and more than 14000000 ration card holders in the state.


After applying for a ration card, an applicant also check the status of his or her application by visiting the official EPDS AP website. Application status can be checked with the following methods:

 a) Check status via the official EPDS AP website

  1. Go to the official website of EPDS AP.
  2. you will four options; print ration cards, search ration cards, transaction history, application search.
  3. Click on “Print Ration Card”.
  4. Enter the name one family member and then click on “submit”.
  5. Now, copy the unique number displayed on the screen.
  6. Paste the copied number in the box under “click here to search your application number” and then submit.
  7. After this, the screen will display the details of your EPDS AP ration cards.

b) Check status using the EPDS AP Android App

  1. First, the EPDS AP app must be downloaded from Google play store.
  2. When you open the app the mobile screen will display various features of the app like ration card, trach application, grievances etc.
  3. Click on “track application” status available in the app.
  4. Enter your ration card number and then click on “submit”.
  5. The screen will display the status of your ration card application.

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